Metals Mongolia 2011 international conference news

Metals Mongolia 2011,” a forum for international investors, will be held in the Government House on November 3 and 4.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, the National Development and Reform Committee, and several mining NGOs are organizing the forum with the aim of increasing the production of goods made from mineral resources in Mongolia rather than exporting raw materials.

The Government is paying close attention to the forum because it has stated its goal of increasing the manufacture of value-added products but the policy has not yet been implemented. Organizers hope the forum results in the construction of new factories in Mongolia.

The forum will include discussions on the topics “Mongolian mining and the present and future of the metallurgy sector,” “International market for metals and future trends,” “Some projects of mining and metallurgy in Mongolia,” and “International cooperation in mining, metallurgy, and infrastructure sectors in Mongolia.”