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8th China Molybdenum Annual Conference (8th CMOAC)

About Economic Environment: The volatile economy has continued since 2008. The states implemented economic recovery policies in succession and got some achievements. And the economy has resumed largely in the USA,European Union and the Asian-Pacific region’s countries that have launched new economic policies. 2012 is the second year of Chinese government’s 12th 5-year plan, which is an important year for performing and completing the plan. The next four years will face a new period of the recovery and prosperity of the global economy. How will the economy develop and change? You will get answer from the conference.

About Molybdenum Market: The low adjust in both domestic and international pricings; the effects of the consolidation and expansion of the Chinese major producers; the trial run of 10,000 tons dressing plants of JDC and other enterprises, the vast investments to deep processing equipments. What kind of the market trend in 2012? Will the price have a break? The moly industry how to face the challenge and opportunity after the economic crisis ……You will receive answers from this annual conference.

About Technological Advantages: Chinese government’s 12th 5-year plan on metals will have profound influence on molybdenum industry. Elimination of backward productivity, technical evolution and support of high-tech enterprises will be put on top development priority of molybdenum industry in the next four years. To seek opportunities for your company, molyworld’s annual conference will be a fine choice.

About Steel Industry: Due to the weak global economy and Chinese government’s micro policies, future global steel market has got uncertainties, so have invited experts from Chinese stainless steel association and China special steel association to give you answers about the trends of Chinese stainless steel and special steel industry in 2012, also you will be lectured on some important issues like overall demand, etc.

Xi’an Superiority:
It is significant that the 8th China Molybedenum Annual Conference be held specially in Xian, a famous historic city in China and an ancient capital in thirteen-dynasty. Xian is one of the major molybdenum ore in China with the only one a-share listed company——JDC.In 2012, the elite delegates from global molybdenum industry and enterprises will come here together and take part in the the 8th China Molybedenum Annual Conference which is held by Molyword and JDC!

Enterprise Superiority:China Molybdenum Annual Conference (CMOAC) that began in 2005 is an international molybdenum industry grand meeting. The number of the participants from home and abroad for each annual conference is over 800, and more than 350 enterprises come here( the participating enterprises of the 8th Annual Conference statistics: 180 primary molybdenum products enterprises, 120 chemical molybdenum enterprises, 110 molybdenum products  enterprises, 80 traders from home and abroad, 50 steelmakers ).

Time Superiority:The 8th China Molybdenum Annual Conference as the 7th one  will be held in March 2012 in Xi’an of Shanxi Province which is a diachronic cultural city, and the 13 dynasties ancient capital. The annual conference is set in March that is the official spring sowing days and the most pivotal month in 2012. Welcome to participating the annual conference, foreseeing the future tendency.

Publicity Superiority: There will be more leaders and honored guests from governments,  chamber of commerce, foreign traders and news media to attend the annual conference. And the conference scale will be greater than ever.

Report Superiority: This annual conference will gather the superiorities from the passed seven conferences and serve as a link between past and future. And it will bring more splendid reports for delegates. The definite light spot: the analysis and forecast of economy trend from authority economic specialists, new technology propaganda, and analysis and predict for molybdenum industry from home and abroad experts.

Advances in Molybdenum Process Technology: The Equipment and Technology Exhibition of the last two years have been highly praised, and we will focus on new technologies this year. To enhance the vigor within your company, we will join with the global leading technology enterprise that is providing JinDuiCheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd., (JDC) with technical support and advanced process technology & design, to present a detailed report at the conference on global advancement regarding the processes related to Mo Flotation, Leaching, Roasting, Slag Processing, Sublimed Pure Oxide, Reducing Metal Powder, Mo Rolling & Mill Products, Mo Sputtering Targets, Molybdenum Products Manufacturing Process, Impriving Metal Recycling Process, Rhenium Recovery, environmental control, Merterial & Metal Recovery as well as Energy Recovery. Please feel free to contact us.

Business Discussion Opportunity: The cocktails and business negotiation is scheduled on the registration day (first day of conference).  An area of 1200㎡ has been specially provided for sponsors and co-organizers to conduct discussions with their customers.  We expect there will be over 800 attendees of steel mills, domestic and overseas traders presenting and enjoying the drinks and business negotiations. We hope this year’s conference could be a great chance for you.

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