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Undur-Tsakhir Project

Name of the deposit site: “Undur-Tsakhir”
License no.: 10439X
Mineral type: non-ferrous and precious metals
Location: The survey site is located on the administrative territory of “Taishir” soum (primary administrative division) of Govy-Altai aimag (province). The place is called “Undur-Tsakhir” and occupies a territory of 2’365 hectares. It is distanced from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia for 900 km, for 170 km from the province center, therefore for  300 km from the Chinese border.
Coordinates: East longitude: 96o 33’ 00” – 96o 37’ 00” and,
North latitude: 46o 39’ 00” – 46o 41’ 30”
Geological survey works brief history: A Soviet geological expedition of Shmelev and his team had delivered air geophysical cartographic and γ-spectrometric map of 1:1’500’000 scale.
The “Gurvan-Talst” Co., Ltd. had prepared their own 1:50’000 scale map about the site “Taishir” in 2000-2001 basing on the data of previous survey works and in accordance with the customer order to prepare geological survey works map. The detailed results are formulated in the report.
Geological structure of the site: The geological structure of the site is composed of sedimentary, metamorphosed, intrusive and effusive conglomerates having a range from reefs to contemporary Quaternary age rocks situated in discordant position. In the tectonic crack disorder there are seen quartsified (albite metamorphosed), kaoline metamorphosed, breccia metamorphosed, cataclase metamorphosed and other forms of metamorphosis joined by quarts and quarts-sulfide veins.

Key minerals on the spot: The “Undur-Tsakhir” site showed the presence of lead, zinc, copper, phosphorite in14 various locations and in11 other spots there was found lead, zinc, gold and pyrite detected by geochemistry and their schlich spread had been identified.
According the results of laboratory analysis of previous works as well as basing on our own data it seems that the composition and the content of minerals is as follows: Mo-0.01-0.05 %, Cu-0.03-0.07%, or in average 0.03%. Therefore, Pb-0.005-0.6% or in average 0.01%; Zn-1%,, Ag-0,1г/т , As-0,3%, Au-0,7г/т . In clayish aleurolite form Mo-0.32 %, Cu-0.06%, Pb-10,54%, Zn-1,12%, Ag-0.1%, As-0.360%, Au-0.26 %. In the quartsified carbonate the elements are found as follows: Mo-0.39 %, Cu-0.2%, Pb-0.954%, Zn-2.42%, Ag-0.1, As-0.065%, Au-0.38 %. In the 2 conglomerate samples it was as follows: Mo-0.04 %, Cu-0.15%, Pb-2.74%, Zn-2.42%, Ag-0.004%, As-0.305%, Au-0.09 g/t. In the 5 samples of quartsified metamorphosis rocks: Mo-0.03 %, Cu-0.2%, Pb-0.31%, Zn-0.14%, Ag-0.075%, As-0.309, Au-0.79 g/t. In the 3 samples of quarts: Mo-0.049 %, Cu-0.02%, Pb-9.45%, Zn-0.068%, Ag-0.0015%, As-0.351%, Au-0.035g/t.
Along the systemic cracks developed as the conglomerates are stretching from S to N with insignificant dip angle favorable lithologic structure generating conditions were created and as these cracks were penetrated with quarts and quarts-sulfide lead and zinc generation was triggered. So, in general mineralization process developed here had produced the following average expected outcome results: Mo-1’195.35 tons, Cu-5’549.13 tons, Pb-23’806.76 tons, Zn-21’935.14 tons, Ag-304.15 tons, Au-13’758.02 kgs.

Report No.: 5412

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