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About us

“SOD GAZAR” company was established in 2005 year and the main goal is making geological surveys and estimation of geology projects. Thus the goal is to share its maximum efforts in development of geological surveys in order to unveil new sources of mineral wealth of Mongolia, to develop modern day mining industry and processing enterprising facilities. Recent years, Mongolian economy has grown rapidly and the main factor of this booming economy is the mining industry of Mongolia. The company aims to contribute to the social and economic development of Mongolia through integrated geology operations, premium quality products and securing of stable position in the international market. Adherence to the world class mining standards is visible in all stages of the company operation within the mission to enhance competitiveness of Mongolian mining products at the world market.

Our goals
The main goal of our company will to work under the principle which is called “good results in the short term” while combining theoretical aspects with our practical experience of neighboring country and the other countries around the world for geological –exploration. The company has been intensifying the activity having further goal of the company to establish the first class open mine not harmful for ecology and natural environment detecting the biggest deposits in Mongolia. It has detected the sites with high probability of the biggest deposits such as Huh tolgoi /flour spar deposit/ of Dornod aimag, Undur Tsahir /non ferrous metal deposit/ of Gobi-Altai in the result of work that it had paid the main attention to field of coal, rare metals, and non ferrous metals.

The Activities of the company
Since the establishment year, the company has performed geological surveys on own fields every year, and in the result of the surveys, we discovered several new ore deposits, including coal, iron, fluorspar /CaF2/ and molybdenum /Mo/ on the fields. We have very experienced team with professional skills and high knowledge level of modern technology of geology.

- Geodesy and geophysical survey works;
- All the types of cartography activities;
- Data processing;
- Implement of geological survey works on a precise order;

We are member of

Mongolian national mining association
Монголын уур уурхайн үндэсний ассиоцаци

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Sukhbaatar district, 1st khoroo, Olympic street, Shuren building, 5th floor, # 16
Fax/Tel: 976-11-319952
Post Office: UB-14210
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